Entropic Pursuits

What is Entropic Pursuits? Well, it’s a framework, a philosophy, and a tool aimed at helping you accomplish your goals and overcome your challenges. Many of us know how difficult it is to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves, especially if they require dedication and/or overcoming adversity. Entropic Pursuits is aimed at helping you overcome those hurdles and overcoming any self-doubt that you may have. The purpose is to help you help yourself. We often stand in our own way, and that is just one problem Entropic Pursuits is aimed at solving.
The overall goal of Entropic Pursuits is to show you and help you understand that you can accomplish anything. All that’s required is to build up your mindset, create an execution structure and strategy, and implement a system to accomplish your goal(s).
If you have any feedback or requests for new features, please let me know. You will be able to send me an email from within the app as well as on the Entropic Pursuits website.