How to Use Entropic Pursuits

How to Use Entropic Pursuits

January 27, 2019 Execution Goals Habits 0

In the event that you are unsure of how to use the Entropic Pursuits app, this is how it is intended to be used.

When you decide to pursue a goal or multiple goals, the first thing you do is set the goal in a concrete way and also attach a why to the goal. In the app, when you choose to add a new goal, you will be asked for both the goal and the why.

The why behind your desire to accomplish the goal is crucial. It’s what will keep you grounded. When you are pursuing your goals, more often than not, you will encounter many different hurdles that you need to overcome. These hurdles can be either mental hurdles and/or physical hurdles. When you reach this point, you have a decision to make. You can either keep going despite the difficulty or quit. Having a solid why will help you keep going.

Once you’ve set your goal and your why, the next step is to figure out what needs to be done. It may be obvious, or it may not be, it depends on what the goal is. If you are unsure of what to do, this is the time to do your research. As humans, we have been documenting our experiences for a long time, so the chances of finding information about the goal you want to pursue is quite high. There are two main ways that I go about approaching this phase.

The first is to read about how others have achieved the goal. Since all of our journeys have similarities, you can learn a great deal from the experiences of others and apply those lessons to your pursuits.

The second is to find a mentor, in person, and learn from them directly. There are coaches out there that can help you on your journey. Entropic Pursuits does not have the “Find a Mentor” feature yet, but if is something that can help you, please let me know. I will be working on making it happen, and the more feedback I get, the better I can build it.

Once you’ve done the research and you figure out what it is you need to do, the next step is to create your execution plan, this is your structure. These can be a certain set of tasks you need to accomplish, a set of milestones, etc. It’s up to you how you create a plan. One thing you will hear a lot is the importance of the plan is secondary to the act of planning. Mentally going through the steps and understanding the path you need to take, in other words, visualizing it, is the important bit of the process. When you go through this process, you are closer to making it a reality, and that’s the point.

Now, once you have your execution plan, the next step is absolutely crucial. Planning is easy and talking about accomplishing a goal is easy, execution is hard. The reason execution is hard is because we have to face many battles, both mentally and physically. It’s inevitable that we will face adversity, but the main things that will get us through it are having a strong anchor, your why, and a supportive set of habits.

The habits that you form will be your system. The system that you set into place will make or break your experience. There are reasons behind this and I you can learn more about it here. You determine your habits either from experimentation or by studying the habits of other successful people.

Also, you should note that although a particular execution formula worked for someone else, it may not completely work for you, so you at that point you will need to do some experimentation to see what works for you. It may not be easy, but that’s just the nature of setting a pursuit and trying to accomplish it. If it was easy, you wouldn’t need help.

Also, I would like you to keep in mind that although this is only how Entropic Pursuits is intended to be used. If you find that there is a way to improve the experience or make the app more useful, please feel free to let me know, either by using the contact form on the website or within the app itself. The goal is to make Entropic Pursuits into a tool and a platform that will genuinely help us accomplish our goals. I say us because I too am using this app. I have used the Entropic Pursuits philosophy to accomplish my most difficult goals, and I built the app around this philosophy. The more feedback the more useful Entropic Pursuits can become.

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