Entropic Pursuits Story

Entropic Pursuits Story

January 27, 2019 Execution Goals Habits 0

Entropic Pursuits is about setting your mind on accomplishing something, overcoming your self-doubt, and following through with your goals and the things you set out to do. It’s about helping you get out of your own way, believing in yourself, and overcoming the hurdles you face.

The pursuits in Entropic Pursuits are the things you decide to do with the time you have. You have an entire life to live and you get to choose whatever you want to do with it. So, what’s it going to be? Aim small, aim big, it doesn’t matter, just go out and do it. Find a purpose and go for it. Don’t let fear or failure or difficulty keep you from going for it. We are human, and there is so much that we can do. We are all capable of so much, so don’t ever say you can’t do something, because it’s bullshit. We can accomplish anything (within reason, of course.) Not only are we capable personally, but we also live in a system where you can accomplish mostly anything.

Regardless of where you are in your life, the only thing that can keep you from going after the things you want to do, is yourself. It may not seem that way, but there is a path to accomplish your pursuits. It’s possible that the path may not exist yet, so you may just have to create it, but there is a way nevertheless.

Giving in to the hardships will only delay what it is you truly want to accomplish. The philosophy behind Entropic Pursuits will help you deal with those hardships and overcome the hurdles you may face on your journey.

The moment you decide to accomplish a new goal, you embark on a journey. The journey may be quick and e­­asy or it may be long and hard. Entropic Pursuits is not centered around the quick and easy goals, but the long and difficult goals; the goals that require discipline, focus, and determination.

The core of Entropic Pursuits is about building up your mindset and creating a structure and a system to support your endeavor. Once you’ve mastered those three things, you will unlock the freedom that follows it. I don’t mean freedom in a political or legal way, but in a more humanistic way. When you unlock your potential and allow yourself to pursue goals freely, you will be able to do anything you set your mind to. The challenges you face will no longer be something to be afraid of, because you will understand how to go through it, around it, or over it.

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